Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It Will Repair Your Losses and Be a Blessing to You

Yeah, the Cardinals may be in town tonight, but you've pretty much given up on them this season, haven't you? Of course you have.

So rather than head to Busch for all-you-can-drink beer, if you're in St, Louis, why not go to Left Bank Books and get some culture for a frickin' change as poet Wayne Lanter reads from his book A Season of Long Taters: Baseball Poems, described thusly:

A delightful (and sometimes not so delightful) look at the American madness we call baseball. From the bottom beginnings of kids in open Midwestern fields with feed sacks for bases to the exalted wily veterans (black and white) of the early part of the twentieth century, this poetry explores the psychology and mythic proportions of our fascination with the game. There are hucksters here, con men, saints and sinners who parade on and off the field, some of them on their way to Cooperstown, some on their way to skid row. There are legendary feats, and silly pastimes, violent outrages and heartbreak in these poems. A Season of Long taters is a poetic report from Olympia and Hades on the truly American game.
This sounds way more interesting than Pirates-Cards or the Lost season finale, so if you're in St. Louis you should really check it out. If you're not in St. Louis, you should also check it out.

First pitch is 7PM.