Thursday, May 24, 2007

Schilling Should Probably Turn Off the Comments

A survey of the comments section to Schilling's blog entry following last night's shellacking by the Yankees:

  • "Way to be older and crappier then Mussina was last night."

  • "It seems like they know what you are throwing so throw something different at different times. I am not a major league player but reason would tell me to keep them guessing."

  • "What happened to the changeup? Don’t see it in the arsenal anymore. I thought that just showing from time to time would give you a little more life on the fastball and also give you a little wiggle room with control."

  • "Schil, you were awful tonight. Like you said you never gave the Red Sox a chance to get into this game. You can’t have bad outing like this especially against the Yankees . . .If I were you I’d try extra hard to get your game together especially since you want to play next season."

  • "Hey Mr. Schilling: It’s too bad you didn’t serve up a purpose pitch to A-Rod in response to that cheap shot he took on Pedroia sliding into second on Tuesday."

What do you think Schill likes better: the armchair coaching, or the out-and-out abuse?