Friday, May 11, 2007

I Actually Feel a Bit Sorry for Selig on This One

Dayn Perry on the quandary baseball faces regarding how to honor (or not honor) Bonds' imminent breaking of Aaron's record:

How does MLB credibly honor an accomplishment when its own internal investigation may one day undermine it? On the other hand, how do you take the head-in-sand approach when it comes to the breaking of baseball's most vaunted record? As Selig is learning, the answers to those questions are hard-won. Even worse, every answer may be the wrong one.

If there were a sensible middle ground to this issue, baseball would find it. But there's not. Ultimately, Selig must decide whether his endorsement of the moment — however languid that endorsement might be — or his snubbing of it is best for the game's image. It's up to him and his handlers to read the tea leaves properly.

It really is a lose-lose situation. I can't help but think that Barry will suffer some mysterious "injury" when he's one or two jacks short of Aaron. One that miraculously heals just as the Giants begin a long home stand.