Monday, May 21, 2007

Great Moments in Team Spirit

It's almost Memorial Day and Minnesota is six back in a brutal division, have lost seven of ten, aren't scoring runs, and have relief pitchers not telling their manager when they're injured and stuff like that. Solution? Haircuts:

A decision was made during the players' meeting for everyone to get their hair cut as short as possible. It coincided with both teams honoring the armed forces Saturday.

A few Twins, including Nick Punto and Jason Tyner, resisted as long as they could before going along. One unnamed Twin actually text messaged his wife over the weekend to warn her that she was going to see less of her man.

What Gardenhire liked was that his team looked relaxed.

Nothing says relaxed like a high-and-tight. And I really love that Jason Tyner had the guts to hold out on the haircut for even a little while. Tyner, you're one of the worst major league regulars this decade. You have been waived and released by the likes of the Rangers and the Devil Rays. While there are some dudes out there who can afford to be the clubhouse iconoclast, you ain't one of them. Your answer should be an immediate "yes" even if the team leaders suggest that everyone get high top fades.