Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dude, need 2? I got 2.

Scalpers are poised to rejoice in New York as the state is about to remove price caps for tickets sold on the secondary market. Not that this means anything given the ubiquity of scalp sites on the internet which have pretty much rendered the old restrictions unenforceable. Still a good thing inasmuch as having old, reality-defying laws taken off the books lessens the likelihood of some poor sap being prosecuted for something that society doesn't truly consider a crime anymore.

Most interesting thing in the article:

Both the Yankees and their archrival Red Sox recently have made a practice of cracking down on season ticket holders who are caught selling their unwanted seats on the Internet, in violation of team policy.

Never having held season tickets for anything before, I wasn't aware that teams had rules against this. Next week I will be visiting ShysterBrother in California and I want to do things up in style, so I recently purchased some expensive Padres tickets online. However, the seats I had my eye on didn't appear on most of the Petco Park maps I saw, so worrying that I may be getting ripped off, I called the Padres ticket office to get the lowdown. The lady who answered was really nice, looked up the season tickets, confirmed for me that they were authentic, confirmed for me that the seller was a season ticket holder, and told me to enjoy the hell out of the game.

The Yankees and Red Sox wouldn't do this?