Friday, May 18, 2007

Baseball Jazz Opera

If you happen to be in Cooperstown tomorrow night, $10 will get you in to see something called a "baseball jazz opera":

"Cooperstown," a jazz opera set in current-day baseball about an up-and-coming pitcher struggling with fame, fortune and love, will make its world premiere at 8 p.m. Saturday in the Baseball Hall of Fame's Grandstand Theater in Cooperstown.

. . .Using an on-stage jazz quintet and a cast of five principal vocalists, including Tri-Cities opera resident artists James Barbato and Matthew Edwards, "Cooperstown" explores, with the tools of opera, musical theater and jazz, professional baseball's inherent dramatic range and power . . .

Sounds nifty. It's about a nine hour drive for me, so I'll have to make up some excuse to tell Ms. Shyster why I'm leaving tomorrow morning and won't be back until late Sunday. Maybe I can pretend I'm having an affair? Somehow I think I'd get in less trouble for that than driving 550 miles to see a play about baseball.