Monday, July 30, 2007

Some Fun Numbers

Approval ratings:

George W. Bush: 33%

Barry Bonds: 25%, though it's 31% among baseball fans.

Not sure which of them should be more insulted, really.

I came across another fun set of numbers as well:

Saturday was the most well-attended day in Major League Baseball history, drawing 717,478 fans for 17 games, an average of 42,205 . . .In fact, the last two Saturdays have represented two of the three most attended days in history. The previous Saturday, July 21, drew 639,628 fans for 16 games, the second-highest total before this weekend. No. 2 on the all-time list is July 3, 1999, when 640,412 fans attended 17 Major League games.

While I suppose this is impressive on some level, these numbers are based on totals, not averages, so it's not surprising that the record and next two on the list postdate the latest round of expansion and come on a days with a doubleheader or two. Of course the story -- from MLB, natch -- reads like it was written by a publicist.

Which it may very well have been.

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