Thursday, July 19, 2007

If you outlaw VORP, only outlaws will have VORP

Great moments in impotent bureaucracy, brought to you by the Houston Independent School District:

The Houston Independent School District has denied a parent's request for the statistics of high school baseball players, citing a federal privacy law.

In April, Scott Rothenberg made a formal request for the statistics, such as hits and home runs, of players on the Bellaire High School baseball team. He received a letter Tuesday from the district's lawyer telling him the information is private under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act . . .

"We agree it looks weird, and frankly, it would probably be a whole lot less heartache to the district if this information were not protected," said Chris Gilbert, an attorney for the district. "But the law is the law and we're required to follow it."

I'm no rebel, but tell me, has anything worth a damn in this world ever been done by someone who says "But the law is the law and we're required to follow it"?

UPDATE: Sanity restored.

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