Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Great Moments in Grandstanding

A Chicago memorabilia dealer is trying to get attention by soliciting Bonds stuff for a big bonfire:

Fuel for a Barry Bonds bonfire -- as well as some threats -- have been rolling in since Winnetka sports memorabilia dealer Keith McDonough announced that his Bleachers Sports store would cease selling Bonds merchandise and will hold a bonfire to burn up Bonds memorabilia on the day he breaks Hank Aaron's career home-run record.

''So far, our customers and other sports fans have brought in -- or sent in -- more than 100 Bonds baseball cards, a mini bat and a baseball signed by Bonds,'' McDonough said. ''More stuff is being promised by e-mail. I just feel that Bonds is unworthy to break Aaron's records because Bonds [allegedly] used performance-enhancing drugs.

Setting aside the fact that this guy sounds like a jackass, I wonder if he realizes that the person who stands to benefit the most from him limiting the amount of Barry Bonds merchandise like this is, in fact, Barry Bonds.

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