Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Los Charros vs. Los Cerveceros

A day in the life of Liga Hispana, a Hispanic adult baseball league in the Twin Cities:

Who hit the home run? "Francisco Ramirez," the scorekeeper said. Another home run followed. Who hit that one? "Tomas Ramirez," he said. How many Ramirezes are there? "The manager, Ruperto, and his two brothers, and then three more, but those three are not related," the scorekeeper said.

If the Charros had the market cornered on Ramirezes, the Cerveceros had an answer with their Ortegas. There was Juan, and there was a pitcher Luis Ortega, and there was Gerardo Ortega, wearing No. 100.

I'm a bit curious why there is no comparison anywhere in the article between these burgeoning Hispanic Leagues to Minnesota's fabled Town Ball. Can anyone from Lake Wobegon or someplace like that tell me what the difference is?

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