Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nationals' Stadium

If you've been hanging around here for any length of time you know how I feel about publicly funded stadiums, but in case you forgot I link approvingly to this WSJ piece outlining how little the D.C. taxpayers are getting for their money.

(link from honorary chairman of the ShysterBall Subcommittee for Sports Business News, Pete Toms)


Chris Needham said...

I still wish we'd get an honest economic assessment from someone that factors in the transfer of wealth from Maryland and Virginia -- revenues that the city otherwise would not capture.

Instead, we get some of the same tired quotes and the same three studies -- none of which really apply in this case -- trotted out every time.

I don't think it's a GOOD deal, but there's reason to believe that the benefits are going to be higher here than with other stadiums.

Eric Toms said...

Chris, this WSJ piece is discussed @ The Sports Economist blog. If you read the comments one of the commenting economists mentions that "....the city anticipates many of the attendees to be from Maryland and Virginia."

Check it out, again particulary the comments, there is always good discussion there although I admit I don't understand all of it. These economics professors are a lot smarter than me.