Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Joe Posnanski Rocks

Joe Posnanski is the best baseball writer going today. How do I know this? Not because he's been voted sports writer of the year by the AP two out of the last five years, though that is a good reason. No, he's the best one going because unlike so many of the jaded cranks who write about baseball for major dailies despite apparently loathing the game, Posnanski obviously loves what the hell he does.

How do I know that? Because in addition to writing whatever he has to write for The KC Star, and in addition to the books he occasionally puts out, Posnanski writes and regularly updates a blog called the The Soul of Baseball, where one can typically find several thousand words about a random Sunday night game or whatever odd insight or anecdote he happens to have on his mind. If you love what you do on the clock enough to want to spend your spare time doing it, odds are that you're going to do a good job.

Check him out.