Monday, March 24, 2008

Pete Toms to Business of Sports Network

Starting soon, ShysterBall reader emeritus and all around nice guy Pete Toms will be contributing to Maury Brown's Business of Sports Network, most likely on the Biz of Baseball site.

It's a good match, as those two guys have more sports business knowledge in their little fingers than any of the rest of us have in our whole body. Another fun thing about Pete: he's about the only Internet writer I've heard of who actually writes from his basement. Still, he openly disdains the concept of blogging:

I'm soon to be posting stuff @ Maury Brown's Business of Sports Network. Probably most of my blogging ( this insert hyperlink, block quote, comment & repeat hack shit ain't writin') will be found on Maury's The Biz of Baseball platform.

Ain't no loathin' like self-loathin', Pete! You'll come around eventually. Gooble gobble . . . one of us . . .one of us . . .

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